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Eligible items can be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase under the conditions that the item has not been damaged during use, manipulated in any way,  or used on the machine (installed and used for a length of time while the machine was operating). The customer is responsible for the return shipping label and cost.

Whole good products, some examples being Tractors, Chainsaws, Trimmers, Zero Turns,  Mowers, have stricter return policies and in some cases will not be eligible for a refund.  Equipment power products must be inspected by our tech support to ensure there was no incorrect operation of the product that would deem the product “unsellable”. Equipment power products may not be eligible to be returned if the item has fuel in the system.

It is advised to directly visit our store if one is dissatisfied with any equipment they have purchased. Electrical parts are not eligible for a refund as electrical parts are easily damaged by improper installation or testing. Because electronics are very sensitive to voltage overloads.

If you have any questions regarding refunds/returns please email us at

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