Husqvarna has a long history of manufacturing various products. Originally established as a weapons foundry in 1689, the company has broadened its reach over time from producing sewing machines, bicycles, kitchen equipment, motorcycles, lawn care equipment, and today's modern robotics. Husqvarna has been a global leader in pioneering innovative technologies such as the invention of chainsaw anti-vibration in 1969. In 1995 they introduced the first solar robotic mower, the predecessor to today's automower. In 1999 triobrake was invented for chainsaws which allowed users to use the chain brake with the opposite hand. In 2009 autotune was implemented in professional chainsaws, a system that better-regulated fuel flow, therefore, optimizing power efficiency and reducing emissions. In 2012, Husqvarna was the first to introduce an all-wheel-drive walk-behind mower- the mower offers superior stability on hills and uneven terrain. And to present day Husqvarna is producing all-wheel-drive automowers , delivering robotic mowers that operate better on steep slopes. 

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