The DR Field & Brushcutter 14.5 HP PRO 26 has 40% more power than the 10.5 HP model and adds electric-starting, a full pressure oil pump for better mowing on slopes, more brush-busting capacity (including saplings up to 2.5" thick), and Power Steering.

Power Steering makes the 14.5 PRO 26 the nimblest DR of all. Each wheel has an independent disc brake that lets you turn on a dime. Plus, if you're mowing across slopes, you can feather the uphill brake to improve the machine's tracking and traction.

And, speaking of hills, the 14.5 HP PRO 26 is a great choice for hilly properties because it includes a full-pressure oil pump–so you can mow on slopes of up to 20° and be assured of plenty of good lubrication to all parts of the engine.

This engine is equipped with a convenient turn-key electric starting, so you never have to leave the operator's position to start or stop the machine. This model's extra displacement (481cc vs. 344cc for our 10.5 HP model) also provides the extra "oomph" needed to power through saplings up to 2.5" thick!

DR Field & Brushcutter

    • 14.5 HP Electric-Start Engine
    • 26" pivoting brush deck follows contours of ground
    • Power Steering: independent disc brakes on each wheel for super-easy turns
    • Oil pump for better performance on hills
    • Accepts all optional attachments
    • See Features and Specs Tabs for more product details
    • Engine: 2 years residential; 1 year commercial
    • Machine: 2 years residential; 90 days commercial

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