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32 883 06-S1 Air Filter Combo. Comes with 32 083 06 air filter and 32 083 08 pre-filter. 


Fits the following engines: 

KohlerSV710-3036, SV715-3029, SV715-3030, SV725-3019, SV725-3020, SV730-3052, SV730-3053, SV735-3023, SV740-3027, SV810-0010, SV810-3001, SV810-3005, SV810-3006, SV810-3010, SV810-3011, SV810-3012, SV810-3013, SV820-0001, SV820-0010, SV820-0012, SV820-0013, SV820-0015, SV820-0016, SV820-3001, SV820-3005, SV820-3006, SV820-3010, SV820-3011, SV820-3012, SV820-3013, SV820-3014, SV820-3015, SV820-3016, SV820-3017, SV820-3018, SV820-3019, SV830-0001, SV830-0010, SV830-0011, SV830-0012, SV830-0013, SV830-0014, SV830-0015, SV830-0016, SV830-0017, SV830-3001, SV830-3005, SV830-3006, SV830-3012, SV830-3013, SV830-3014, SV830-3015, SV830-3016, SV830-3017, SV830-3018, SV830-3019, SV830-3020, SV840-0001, SV840-0010, SV840-0011, SV840-0012, SV840-0013, SV840-0014, SV840-0016, SV840-0017, SV840-3001, SV840-3002, SV840-3005, SV840-3006, SV840-3011, SV840-3012, SV840-3013, SV840-3014, SV840-3015, SV840-3016, SV840-3017, SV840-3018, SV840-3019, SV840-3020, SV840-3021, SV840-3022, SV840-3023 and SV840-3024 engines.

32 883 06-S1 Kohler Air Filter Combo